About Us

Alberta Elite Fleet

Serving the Oil & Gas Sector 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

MJ’s Water Hauling LTD. provides vacuum and water services through our elite fleet of quality equipment to succeed in completing any project, no matter how demanding, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. We serve construction, oil and gas, industrial, and commercial businesses as well as private citizens! Alberta Water Trucks

We serve major oil and gas companies, high-profile emergencies, and even our competitors with mechanical assistance during critical project hiccups! This premium service delivery is made possible from our belief in quality, above-standard safety, commitment to our customers, and pride in our work.



MJ’S Quality Fleet: Young and Maintained by 24 Hour Certified Mechanics

Our fleet is no more than 3 years old! The 67 units of Water Trucks/Vac Trucks (Tandem & Tri), Semi-Vac Units, End-Dumps, Well Site Trailers, Bulk Tankers, Loaders, Excavators, and Winch Tractors are dependable with certified on-site assistance and on-call service readily available. We take pride in our equipment and you will always notice an MJ’s Water Hauling unit over any others when it arrives!



Above-Standard Safety

We strive to go above and beyond in safety and are proud to say we are the only water and vac company in all of Canada that holds a PIC (Partners In Compliance) membership! This means we have a safety fitness rating of “Excellent” and our GPS tracked equipment may bypass designated inspection stations limiting downtime and getting your project completed that much sooner.

Our valued employees must pass a drug, hearing, and fit-for-duty tests as well as hold all related tickets to ensure that all standards are followed and safety is held as priority.




Commitment to Our Customers

Premium service trucks and around-the-clock certified mechanics give you a second-to-none response time 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We’ve been known for this high standard through our work with the Calgary Stampede during the 2013 floods, our 36 hour workdays assisting train derailments, and in even helping our competitors with mechanical issues to ensure our customer’s overall projects were completed on time!

Our employees are heavily trained with competency testing and mock scenarios that include everything from land spreading, work loading, and moving pipe. This ensures a proactive approach that minimizes downtime and gets your project completed right the first time.



Pride in Our Work

We are passionate in what we do and it shows through our quality professionalism, above-standard maintenance, and dedication to results.
– MJ’s Water Hauling CO. LTD.